Story – When Shabari accepts Sage Matanga as her guru

Shabari was a girl from a tribal village. She was seeker of knowledge and wanted to know the meaning of Dharma. After days of traveling, she met Sage Matanga at the foot of the Mountain Rishyamukha and accepted him as guru, serving him with devotion. When her guru Matanga was about to die, Shabari— now an elderly lady— stated that after serving him throughout her life, she now sought to reach for herself the same “abode of peace” which Matanga reached. Thereupon, the sage said that by the virtue of her seva (service), Lord Ram shall give her darshan and asks her to wait for his arrival. Saying thus, the sage sitting in lotus posture attains Mahasamadhi. As per her guru’s words, Shabari waits for the arrival of Ram.

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