Story – When Shabari waited endlessly for Lord Rama and used to pluck berry fruits for the god

Shabari is an elderly woman ascetic in the later versions of the Hindu epic Ramayana. She is described as an ardently devoted woman who received Rama’s darshan and blessing due to her Bhakti to him. Everyday Shabari would go out of her ashram, with the help of a walking stick and pluck berry fruits for Lord Ram. She would pluck a fruit, first taste it, and if it was sweet she would put it in her basket and discard the bitter ones. She wanted to give the good and sweet fruits to Ram. The thought never came to her that she should not taste it before it was offered to a deity. Traditional writers use this narrative to indicate that in bhakti, faults are not seen by the deities. Thus collecting a few fruits, Shabari went back to the ashram and eagerly anticipated Lord Ram’s arrival. Shabari is commonly used as a metaphor for an endless wait for God.

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