Story – When Vishvakarma made Lanka

Sumali is the maternal grandfather of Ravana, the principal antagonist of the Ramayana. He was a Rakshasa King. He, his elder brother Malyavan and younger brother Mali were the sons of the Rakshasa Sukesha. Sumali along with his two brothers made a tapasya to Brahma and asked that their brotherly love would be unbreakable and no one would be able to defeat them. Consequently, they conquered every Aditya and Daitya. With these powers they asked Vishvakarma to make a city for them. Thus they received Lanka where they lived in luxury. Later they were defeated by the gods and Mali was killed by Vishnu, while Malyavan and Sumali took shelter in Rasatala, with their kinsmen. Sumali’s wife was Ketumati with which he had ten sons – Prahasta, Akampana, Vikata, Kalikamuka, Dhumraksha, Danda, Suparshva, Sanghradi,Praghasa, Barkarna and four daughters – Raka, Pushpotyata, Kaikesi, and Kumbhinasi.

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